About the Awards

The 2018 BBPA Annual Dinner and Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of key individuals and organisations within our industry. Four awards will be presented during the evening, and we are now seeking nominations for three of these;

2018 Award Categories:

Beer Champion 2018
This award seeks to recognise companies that have successfully sought to promote, improve and celebrate beer as a category. The judges will consider the full range of deliverables which are worthy of being deemed a beer champion. We are looking for something that sets entrants apart from the pack in 2018. The winner will be the company which has used their resources most effectively to be a champion of beer. Successful entrants will demonstrate actions in one or more of the following areas:

1. Marketing. Entrants may demonstrate the effectiveness of a particular marketing campaign, be it for a new product or an existing product, and the impact said campaign had on the sales of that product.

2. Innovation. Entrants may wish to showcase a particular product or process which is new or innovative, this could be (but is not limited to) a beer or brewing process.

3. Quality. Entrants will demonstrate a commitment to quality in their products.
Heart of the Community Award 2018
This award is open to any member organisation of the BBPA who has run a programme or campaign over the course of 2017/18 for a charity or charities that benefits its local community. The award seeks to recognise a company which has demonstrated both a proven commitment to, and a real benefit to causes or projects within their local community. Local community means the population and area around its customer(s) base. For example, customer base and catchment area of a pub; customer base of a brewery. Causes can be people or environment related; they can be fundraising as well as time and or skills donated projects.

The judges are looking for an organisation that:
1. Has gained real commitment from its employees to support the programme or campaign.

2. Can demonstrate that it has achieved a positive impact for the charity or charities through its work initiatives to promote social responsibility.

Submissions should include:
1. Introductory background on the charity/charities or not for profit organisation and what it aims to do.

2. The objectives of the programme or campaign run by the entrant, and what it set out to achieve for the charity/charities.

3. How it engaged employees in the programme or campaign and how many got behind it, including examples if useful.

4. Results of the programme or campaign and how this has benefitted the charity/charities.
Pub Champion 2018
This award seeks to recognise companies that have worked to secure pubs for future generations. Successful entrants will demonstrate actions in one or more of the following areas:

1. Investment in the future of the pub workforce, for example programmes that promote pub apprenticeships and/or building links with local educational establishments.

2. Examples of effective investment in pubs, whether that is in physical improvements to the pub estate or engagement in the social responsibility agenda.

3. Examples of innovative promotion of the pub as a social hub, which could also include creative use of a food offering.

The collective range of activities and assets to promote the pub that mark your company out as a leader in the industry.